say hello to rock and roll again

With a voice in his chest, a guitar on his shoulders, and a band behind his back, Rhett Repko only has one goal: to bring his influences of timeless classics into today's modern music scene. "Music has the ability to deliver raw unfiltered emotions from one person to another." Rhett goes on to say, "Records today tend to be produced to perfection, but those aren't the ones we love.”

Rhett found his place in the world at 15 when he took a guitar class in high school. In love with his new passion, Rhett turned to the music of the Beatles where the unusual chord changes and heart-felt harmonies and lyrics fueled his deep love affair with music and sealed his desire to become a songwriter.  Along the way, he became inspired with the magical productions of George Martin for the Beatles, and then later Butch Vig’s brilliant work on Nirvana’s Nevermind.  

Rhett studied production under Alan Wonneberger at UMBC, where he earned his BA in Music, and also formed his band.  What makes this band different is that they never leave the studio. With a certain sound in his head, Rhett works endlessly and is determined in getting his vision to blast out of speakers by producing his own recordings. A mix of retro and modern techniques drives Rhett to deliver the best of both worlds.  

But in the end, for Rhett, “It’s about the song. Is it good enough? Does it make you feel something? It’s not about fame. It’s about the struggle to be understood.  Isn’t that what music is all about?”  

Rhett has signed multiple TV licensing agreements with networks including MTV, Netflix, Discovery, NASCAR, E!TV, Oxygen, A&E, TLC & Fox Sports.

Rhett broke onto the NACC Chart with his EP “Songs of the Night” at #152 in February 2019.

“Songs of the Night” is currently charting on College Radio at #77 on the College Radio Charts and is breaking through to commercial stations HGRNJ (NJ), KRCC (CO), Menace Attic (CA), No Pigeonholes (CA), WBSD (WI), WCOO (SC), WCSF (IL), WERU (ME), WCNR (VA), KXCV (MO) and growing weekly.

Rhett has scored 4 Top 100 College Radio Charts in 2018/2019.

"Thnx For The Ride" was #25 Add on NACC
"Thnx For The Ride" hit #47 on College Radio Charts
"Lately Baby" hit #71 on College Radio Charts
"Before She Knows" hit #79 on College Radio Charts

In September of 2018, Rhett released his self-produced single “Lately Baby” recorded at his home which hit #71 on College Radio Charts.

In May of 2018, Rhett released his single "Before She Knows" recorded in Nashville, with producers that would go on to hit #79 on the national college radio charts.

Rhett released his second EP "Thnx For The Ride" in December of 2017  with continued  success and peaked at #50 on the national college radio charts.

Rhett Repko released his self-titled debut EP in Spring of 2017 and enjoyed immense success on college radio across the United States.

He has radio play and support from 200+ College/Community Radio Stations across the USA.

Rhett has been named 2018 Songwriter of the Year by Warlock Asylum International News. 

Rhett has been recognized by the International Song Of The Year Songwriting Contest as a Semi-Finalist for his rock song "A Little Loving" in July and "About Last Night" in December of 2016.

Rhett also earned a Top 20 Finalist spot for his song "Say Goodbye" in the SongBuilder Studios Songwriting Competition in December of 2016.