dancing about architecture

~Dave Franklin

"Driven rock guitars and punchy backbeats pull the song in an altogether more groovesome direction yet it still understands how to appeal to the commercial market, knows how to work with dynamics and drips with infectious melody."

“So essentially, this is a new take on pop music, yes, pop music, we have spent so long being spoon-fed dance routined, production line dross that we have forgotten that pop, okay, pop-rock can be like this as well."

“Pop music is done often, but in general not done well."  “All to often it is happy to sacrifice creativity for formula, to wander very narrow, established pathways for fear of losing site of the pop-fan dollar."

“Rhett Repko shows us that if you flip this model on its head, draw in influences from a number of genres, you can write songs, which both appeal to the masses and retain the integrity required by the more discerning listener."


growing old with rock and roll

~Michael Saulman

"Rhett Repko and his posse of groove outlaws have come to rescue pop radio."

"One can describe the current state of pop music like an old western movie plot; pop music having been taken over by DJs, programmers and cheesy keyboards is the damsel in distress having been kidnapped by outsider rustlers, needing a sheriff Repko has brought real live instruments and his best men to take the genre back to its roots."

"This is pop when blessed with purpose and a destination."


music emissions

~Jason Hillenburg

"When someone like Rhett Repko comes along playing catchy, hook-driven tunes with prominence placed on the guitars and a real rhythm section, then I stand up and take notice."

"Opener “Were You Ever Really Mine?” piles on the folk acoustic guitars with electrified choruses that benefit from Stefan Heurer’s fiery leads; there’s both pop songwriting standards and head-nodding riff rock on display here, all of which is deftly handled by Tom Bryant’s bustling snare shuffles and bassist Dan Gallagher’s buoyant grooves."

"A funk/soul swagger shines through on this track which illustrates that pop can be actual music in 2017… given the right touch and musicians."


Signatures in time

~David Swafford

"With pop music essentially compromising bubblegum versions of electro/techno in the 2000s, it’s about time someone takes the genre back in time."

"Rhett Repko is one of the few exceptions to the 2017 rule of thumb.  Here is a guy that writes catchy, easy on the ears tunes with melody that also happens to play guitar in addition to featuring a lead guitarist in his band.  Someone get the smelling salts for I may have faint."


MusicNotez the magazine

~Haakon Williams

“There is some pretty sophisticated songwriting at work here.” “The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, and Nirvana are influences on this new eponymous EP. The pop appeal of the songwriting and the hard buzzy sound of the guitars certainly reflect those influences, as well as bands like Green Day and Good Charlotte in their flair for the dramatically ambitious and their pleading, piercing vocals."

“Influences aside, Repko and company have forged their own sound here.  For every move Repko makes in the song, his band is there to back him up perfectly."

“His songs can rock you right on through your troubles and into the next dimension.”


self-debut ep radio play

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Skope magazine

~Paul Fitz

“He is such a talented songwriter as his music has that timeless classic touch."

“Like always in all his songs the message was there, that strong emotion that makes you want to cry was not left out.”

“The band was wonderful, the guitar was amazing giving the raw rock and roll but the message was never lost.”

“This particular song has been on repeat all day since I got the link because I can’t get myself change it.”


stereo stickman

~Rebecca Cullen

“It somehow presents this very raw, acoustic, singer-songwriter vibe, and at the same time emits this immense indie rock energy - both of which pulled together, surround you with a brilliant, uplifting warmth”.

“It’s music to believe in, to relate to, and to turn up loud and enjoy.”
“The production is so beautiful so as to give off the beautiful, crisp sound of a live performance.”

“Repko’s voice has a believable and likable indie aura, the music has a promising and refreshing fusion of the nostalgic and the now.”

“A live show is likely to have every classic bit of indie rock magic that once ruled the world.”


beach sloth

"Rhett Repko sculpts a flawless sound with the burning tragedy of “Were you Ever Really Mine?"

“Rhett Repko delivers “Were you Ever Really Mine?” with a fiery passionate fervor.  Nicely tying together, a bluesy song with indie rock style, the song lingers in the mind long after its over”.

“Guitar work has gorgeous quality to it, full-bodied with a slight hint of defiance.  Rhythms have a swinging quality to them, just flirting with becoming fully unhinged."


the band camp diaries

Peter Vidani

“Rhett Repko is a songwriter with a truly outstanding approach to his craft."

“His songs have a haunting and melancholic feel, yet, there is a lot of energy and drive to the power of his performances.”

“This is an emotional song of love and loss, in the vein of artists such as Ryan Adams or Elliott Smith."

“The song’s beautiful acoustic strumming and country-laden beats are a perfect match to Rhett’s subtle vocals, which are low-key, yet far reaching and truly deep in their emotional tone."


middle tennessee music

~Joshua Smotherman

“With raw rock-and-roll attitude, some serious grove, catchy melodies and the sweet sweet sounds of a distorted guitar, Were you Ever Really Mine? is everything you love about classic and modern rock music without all the unnecessary over-the-top production tricks”.

“Rhett delivers an organic, honest, unforgettable wall of frequencies guaranteed to leave you hooked”.


vents magazine (Interview)

~RJ Frometa

Can you talk to us more about your song “Inside of Me”?

Musically speaking, “Inside of Me” is very retro inspired in terms of writing and production.  It has an upbeat, almost happy and innocent sound to it.  The lyrics on the other hand are an emotional journey that deal with letting someone close to you know that you don’t see them the same way as they see you.  Sometimes it can be slow and painful before you come to the realization that you just have to tell the person even if it hurts them.  As the last line in the song says: “Cry baby, cry with me, cry and cry until you’re free”.

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